Sunday, June 03, 2007

My First Entry

Welcome to my blog...
Please join me on these pages for dialog about the joys and struggles of our creative life. I hope to share painting demos with you, by posting various stages of a painting's life, how they came to be, the thought process, materials and techniques.

The process of art-making is a gateway to a more mindful, awakened experience of life. It doesn't start when we pick up the brush, and end when the brush is laid down. It's our life itself.

And it requires great attention to the details of every moment.

With wishes for your peace, happiness and well-being,


  1. Hi Kris,
    Good for you for getting a website and starting a blog! Your paintings are very beautiful and this a great way to see the variety.

    After meeting you in the Clouds artists' sangha, I've continued to stall on starting my own website. It is so easy to be distracted from this new venture! I have gone back to working on my book - there's always work to do on that, right? Always room for improvement. Yes, but maybe no. I've found myself rewriting, then realizing the rewrites are not an improvement.

    I have concluded that I am resorting to a creative process that I understand - writing, thereby avoiding a new creative process - constructing a website.

    Drat! I have to resort to discipline to get through this block. Inspiration is so much more fun, and the struggle to write is comfortable because it is familiar.

    It's the technical skills that stymie me. Not my nature to be interested in such.

    Glad to see you have ventured out here! What was your first step to start?

  2. This is my first conversation by blog. Wow! New territory and not difficult!

    Thanks for your reply! I feel like I broke through a barrier today, took that first step toward my own website. What a relief!

    I really don't think I am up to creating my own website, especially from your description.

    I have a couple nephews who are techies, but they are not artists. I appreciate your offer to set up a site for me (for a fee). I will get back to you about that. It would be fun to work with you on this.